Niteo Products

Brands you trust.

NiTEO™ Products is a premier formulator and distributor of automotive, marine and recreational vehicle products designed to recondition, restore and maintain vehicles above and below the hood.

The quality and performance of our products can be attested by professional mechanics, detailers and auto enthusiasts around the world.

Brands you trust.
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NiTEO™ is a premier formulator, packager and marketer of automotive appearance and maintenance brands for above and below the hood. We are committed to delivering products with unsurpassed performance and protection that make any project easier.
Automotive Chemicals
Automotive system fluids and maintenance chemicals.
  • power steering fluid
  • brake fluid
  • starting fluid
  • fuel additives
  • brake parts cleaner
  • carb & throttle body cleaner
Automotive system fluids for high mileage vehicles.
  • power steering fluid with stop leak
  • transmission stop leak
  • fuel system cleaner
Automotive system fluids, maintenance and winter chemicals.
  • parts cleaner
  • windshield de-icer
  • oil additives
  • fuel additives
  • brake fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • aerosol lubricants
  • aerosol cleaners & degreasers
Automotive maintenance and specialty chemicals.
  • aerosol lubricants
  • aerosol cleaners & degreasers
  • gas & diesel additives
  • adhesives & sealants
  • specialty chemicals
Engine flush and automotive maintenance chemicals.
  • engine flush
  • starting fluid
  • brake fluid
  • fuel additive
  • power steering fluid
  • transmission treatment
  • cooling system flush
  • oil additives
Automated Car Wash & Detailing Products
Professional automotive detailing and reconditioning chemicals.
  • painted surface care
  • leather care
  • fabric care
  • dresssing & protectants
  • cleaners & degreasers
Professional automotive detailing accessories and chemicals.
  • wash mitts
  • towels
  • paints & dyes
  • carpet film
  • steel wool
  • gloves
  • buffing pads
  • brushes
  • more...
Automated, self-serve carwash & detailing chemicals.
  • presoaks
  • tri-foam polishes
  • sealants
  • drying agents
  • tire dressings
  • soaps
  • wheel & tire care
  • more...
Automated & self-serve carwash chemicals.
  • presoaks
  • detergents
  • dressings
  • tire & engine cleaner
  • waxes
  • vending items
  • more...
Automotive Appearance Products
Automotive washing and detailing products.
  • wheel & tire care
  • waxes & detailer
Leather cleaning, conditioning and restoration products.
  • leather care
Automotive painted surface restoration products.
  • compounds
  • polishes
  • car & truck wash concentrate
Automotive wax products.
  • cream car wax
  • liquid cream wax
Air Care
The leader in air sanitizing and elimination of odors from bacteria.
A wide array of high-quality air fresheners featuring popular fragrances.
Air Care for your car – the #1 air freshener in the world.